Meet the Artists

Meet the Artists: 

Jason Wallin, student

Jason Wallin

Jason has been a student at DLAC since 2010.  He loves to learn about and work with new materials.  He says that, “You have to try new things, because that is how you learn and get better every time. “ He is often quoted as saying, “That’s how you know I’m a professional right?”  Jason also shares his love of sports with the staff and volunteers by telling us about his accomplishments in special Olympic track and basketball.  Jason loves to introduce new people to Donna Lexa Art Centers; he said, “I’m happy here. People are nice here. I make different friends here.”

Kayla Domanico Kayla Domanico, student

Three years ago, Kayla  – on her first day of college – was hit by a bus and suffered traumatic brain injury and partial paralysis. “I am still artistic,” Kayla types out on a computer she uses to speak. “I can experience my journey with others who have the same injuries.” Her exuberant art is a testament of her triumph over tragedy.

Maggie McCarthy and art instructor Kurt Meinke

Maggie and art instructor Kurt Meinke

Maggie McCarthy

Maggie, who has autism, creates exquisite art that is her life’s inspiration. And she has been the inspiration for her father, Wisconsin writer, John McCarthy, who has written a series of books about his daughter’s journey through life and how art – and Donna Lexa Art Centers – have helped her find her exquisite voice!


Dan Campbell

Dan Campbell

Dan has downs Syndrome and was one of Donna Lexa’s first art students more than 30 years ago. Dan joined DLAC as a young man right out of high school. His artwork – lively, colorful, and full of energy – has been used in United Way advertising and on the cover of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s internationally known Waisman Center’s 2016 calendar! Dan says he enjoys class because it helps him focus and he loves sharing his art with friends, joking around, and playing DJ for them.