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We are wrapping up our 35th year at Donna Lexa. It’s been a year.  You know what keeps us going? What keeps us flowing? CREATIVITY! This project starter, creativity igniter workbook is here to help you exercise your creativity and go with the creative flow. The prompts  in this workbook are meant for you to manipulate and adjust to your own creative whims. We encourage you to try them as is or to create your own variation. This is an all inclusive creative prompt book that allows you to explore your theatrical side, your writer’s side, your inner poet, inner photographer, and inner visual  artist alone or with a group. There is really only one rule, have fun! You can’t mess any of these up. Remember, we only fail when we don’t try.

Each prompt can be adapted into a writing prompt, poetry prompt,  skit prompt  (you TikTokers know what I am talking about), and/or art making prompts; which means plenty of collage, painting, drawing, and sculpting opportunities. 


DLAC Dandelion Prints

Multi-Color Dandelion Blank Card 5-Pack
Black Dandelion Blank Card 5-Pack
8″ x 10″ Black Dandelion Print
8″ x 10″ Sepia Dandelion Print


Orange Hat Publishing Books and Art Kits

“Addison the Light Catcher”

Listen to Addison tell the story of her super-duper light catcher. She made it when her brother with special needs was born to catch his light and share it with the world. This story about love, admiration and the special bond between siblings sheds light on the power of advocacy and the magic inside of everyone.

“Ken the Keeper”
Ken the Keeper is a story that celebrates the spirit of animal lovers everywhere. Ken is a real kid that loves animals so much he started The Happy Animals Club, a no-kill animal shelter that cares for all living creatures until they are ready to be set free. With donations from people all around the world, Ken rescues thousands of animals each year. Ken the Keeper shines a light on the power of helping the helpless; be a Keeper!
“Will It”
Will It is a story of bravery, courage, and the power we all have within us to overcome our greatest fears and doubts. Like all of the stories in the Gnat & Corky Series, Will It is based on the spirit of a real kid. Will has Bardet-Biedl syndrome which causes retinal degeneration and may eventually render him blind. That does not define Will or prevent him from doing anything he dreams. His attitude and outlook on life are unstoppable. 
Light Catcher Kit

Capture your own light with this charming Light Catcher Kit!  Includes all supplies and instructions needed to create a small light catcher that you can display, as a constant reminder of your bright light!

Heart Keeper Kit

Show everyone that you are a Keeper with this Heart Keeper Kit!  Includes all supplies and instructions needed to create a small fabric heart that represents your caring nature and kind heart!

“Addison the Light Catcher” and Light Catcher Kit
 Enhance your reading experience with the Light Catcher Art Kit extension!  The perfect pair for a fun, enriching activity!
“Ken the Keeper” and Heart Keeper Kit
Enhance your reading experience with the Heart Keeper Art Kit extension!  The perfect pair for a fun, enriching activity!