Studio Wish List

We are grateful to all who give so generously.

The following items are always on our studio supply wish list:

  • Painting supplies
    • Watercolor and acrylic paintbrushes
    • Canvases or canvas boards
    • Watercolor paper
    • Quality watercolor, acrylic, and tempera paints
    • Gesso
  • Pottery supplies
    • Clay tools
    • Low-fire clay
    • Low-fire ceramic glazes
    • Pottery wheel
  • Framing supplies
    • Matte board
    • Foam core board
    • New or gently used frames (all sizes)
    • Eye hooks
    • Picture wire
  • Classroom supplies
    • Glue (Elmer’s, tacky glue, weld bond, rubber cement, hot glue sticks)
    • Masking tape
    • Duct tape
    • Painters tape
    • Sharpie markers
    • Pencil sharpeners
    • Quality drawing paper

If you are interested in donating a supply not mentioned above, feel free call our office at 262-521-2292 or email and we’ll be happy to answer your donation questions.