Our Artists

Tiffany Pavlekovich

I have been attending Donna Lexa classes since 2005.  I like painting, water colors, and sculpture of animals, Alice in Wonderland and fairytales, Wizard of Oz, and movie stars of the 1930’s-1940’s when people were good and money was low at that time.  Art means friends, where I met Lorraine Lee, Richard Lehmann, Dan Campbell, Sue Smith, teachers and staff.  I was changed through the years.  I don’t get upset anymore.  My goal is to go to college to get a new and better job, and maybe design my own dolls.

Sue Smith

I started drawing since I was 9 years old in 1972.  It is my favorite subject.   I have brain damage and mental illness.  I have certain limitations where I can’t do certain things I could do a long time ago- but I can still draw.  My favorite drawing is people, animals and pets.  I have made millions of drawings and about 8 a day.

Art helps me relax, makes me happy, keeps me busy, helps my eye-hand coordination.  I enjoy selling some of my art. I like helping people and I like to share my things, country music and oldies and my favorite singer is Tracy Lawrence.

Arnie Will

I like art because I have a chance to make things I want to make.  The part that was challenging was working on my stained glass project.  I am able to bring in my computer and use it to find pictures to paint.  I like working on art projects and try to get all the details of what things look like.

Jeff Treutlaar

Jeff has been attending classes for many years.  He enjoys painting with an aide and adaptive hand tool.  He also enjoys using power tools, drilling, stapling, and hammering nail and wood sculpture.  Jeff is quite the ladies’ man.  He likes being surrounded by an all-female class. Chester is his family dog whom he adores and enjoys painting in his art.

Dan Campbell

I was my mom’s middle baby and I have Down Syndrome.  I was born in 1962.  I have 4 sisters, 2 brothers one lives in Arizona, 4 nephews, and 4 nieces.  I love my family.

I have my own style of art of watercolors.  Without Donna Lexa I wouldn’t be an artist.   I have good friends at Donna Lexa, everybody calls me the “class clown” and I like making sound effects.